The Road to Prosperity

The Road to Prosperity

I made the commitment on last week to bill $10,000 in the month. A couple days in, let’s talk about what have I done?


I signed up for 17Hats. My partner and I poured through the workflow processes they have available. We are building our own workflows to handle interest, prospect management, quoting, issuing contracts and progressing projects.

We are working on getting my consulting ( up to full speed. I started it this January, then put in into suspended animation as I tried to get my house ready for sale.


I have lots of experience with social media and publicity. Rather than hide what I am doing, it’s time to strut. I am sharing a lot more about what I am doing via social media.

My former venture, Those DeWolfes, is kind of a ghost ship. It was built up over six years and populated with all sorts of helpful information. We dismantled it a year ago, but left the domain to linger as we shuffle off its content to our other ventures. Why move everything, when I can selectively move only the popular stuff. I can tell what’s popular by looking at Google Analytics. That was able to tell me what’s popular and what gets impressions but may not get clicks. That was important because it showed where there was interest and where they interest doesn’t turn into results. I moved over those articles and redirected the traffic.

This week, the recent projects are going into a portfolio on the site to talk up we do and the technologies we’re using.


This one is basic: all of the publicity and productivity doesn’t replace work. I have been trying to pull in enough contract work to fill out my dance card. Ideally: I want to get 125 hours of billable work in this month or 32 hours of billable work per week. That’s a lot. But I can also work smart. I have been fixated on the hourly work as the meter of value. Instead, it’s about delivery. The faster I deliver, the less I could earn for each project. Draw out the projects to generate billable hours and while I may win, the client loses in terms of delay. Instead, it’s about the quality of service: do well, try to do it quickly and those two factors generate value. That’s the shift, I am attempting to make: to move from hours to results.