The June Sprint – My Goal Is To Rake In $10,000

The June Sprint – My Goal Is To Rake In $10,000

The Rebuild has been underway for about three years now. It’s going somewhere, but the results of this process are still blurry to most onlookers. At times, this process looks foggy to me. This needs to be fun and engaging, otherwise someone like me could get bored. What alleviates boredom? A game. In the month of June, I am going to turn one chunk of my goals into a project, a challenge, a game. In the month of June, I am going to earn $10,000.

$10,000 seems like an arbitrary number. When I had my old web design incarnation, I had a series I was working through. “The First 10,000” about getting the first $10,000 in sales from a thing (a product, a venture, etc.). When I sub-contracted for one guy, his goal was $10,000 or more per month in sales. If he ended up spending $12,000 in contractors, that didn’t seem to matter– as long as he cracked five digits. For people who don’t earn a lot of money, $10,000 in a month can seem like a road trip to Pluto. For the ultra-wealthy, it’s less than one day’s pay. It’s all about perspective.

Personally: $10,000 in new cash in one month would go a long way to unwind how the year has progressed thus far. At Christmas, we got hit with replacing our dishwasher: too many months of missing the “rinse your bowl” step turned into a dead dishwasher. Valentines was interrupted by a cat who feasted on living room debris and needed a $1400 surgery. From January to May, I spent something like $6000 on the renovation between construction, drywallers, paint, flooring, electrical, and dump fees. During the same time, the renovations precluded me from earning money through my new business.

So: the June sprint is to bring in or bill $10,000 by the end of the month. I have two sets of qualifiers as what will make me consider hitting that mark a full success or a qualified success.

What affect this are caveats, qualifiers and stretches to put into the mix.

Big Success and Little On The Road to $10,000

The high water mark of success: $10,000 in cash income from consulting, web development and affiliate revenue. The other stuff can go on top. In this ideal version, I have earned the money I get from my work at UVic; my partner her own contract money; and the barter income is over and above this qualifier of $10,000.

The low water mark of success: $10,000 in a combination of household income, barter revenue, and web development revenue. That’s an easy mark to hit: on almost all months, we get to $3600 on auto pilot. Barter revenue is easy to come by. The gap ($1000 – $3000) is where the effort comes into the mix.

The goal is hit the high amount. The consolation prize is to hit the low amount which is still $10,000 all-in.

By putting this out there,  I intend to embarrass myself into accomplishing this June Sprint. My coaching exercises have laid bare the places where I need to work: commitment and getting into the weeds.

I look over my shoulder for where I am not. I hedge my bets. I look at the fears instead of the benefits. I am working to shed those behaviors and commit what I am doing now and what my June Sprint is meant to accomplish. Looking over one’s shoulder is not how one wins sprints. Looking to the fears instead of the benefits is like staying fixated on the starting block and not the finish line.

The devil is in the details. I will sometimes get lost in minutiae and lose sight of the big picture. My work is detail oriented, but everyone’s goal is to get the work done and delivered. It’s my goal. It’s my client’s goal. So that’s the detail for me to fixate on.

My Pledge to You

As I pledged in a post about this sprint, I will do the following:

  • Execute this sprint between June 1st and June 30th. You can call me on “cheating” by getting this under way before June 1st. I freely admit that. Any challenge would be starting from where I am which is a long way from where I started on my respective goals.
  • I will blog about my progress on Saturdays: June 4th, June 11th, June 18th, June 25th, and an autopsy on July 2nd. I will sever some financial details, but what I can retain, I will.
  • I will post something about the progress here and on Instagram every two day throughout June. Some of those may be cryptic. Some may be as simple as showing a cheque.

Ask me how I’m doing throughout June and I will tell you candidly where I am at.