Ethics and Disclaimers


Here’s my disclaimer and it’s not going to masked in legal double-talk:

  • I am not a dietician.
  • I am not a health professional.
  • What I say is from my own experiences.
  • What I say “works” works for me, and it may not work for you.
  • What I say “does not work” could still work for you.
  • All of this is informational. None of it is advised (because of the above).


Here is what my ethics look like when applied to this website about The Rebuild:

  • I want to talk about what improves my life and talk about it in a way that gives you something to consider.
  • I want to talk about holistic solutions– no solutions that create new problems.
  • I am going to post what works for me, warts and all. While some people may talk about successes, I am going to talk about outcomes. I may also volunteer what I did to take a well established practice and not see any gains from it.
  • Some of the products I mention may link through an affiliate program that earns me some cash. I will never link to a product or service that I do not believe in.