About The Rebuild

The last few years have left me really ragged financially, physically, cognitively. When a start-up isn’t making it, the start-up will “pivot.” It will change the bearing of its assets and direct those energies elsewhere. I started down this road in April 2013 and I wasn’t even sure where I was going at the time. In October of 2014, I accelerated my journey through this rebuild.

These are my goals:

  • Build a cognitive foundation
  • Create a better relationship ecosystem
  • Get my brain in gear
  • Lose weight
  • Gain more stamina
  • Repair my finances

Build a cognitive foundation

There’s no use building a house on sand. The term “Rebuild” is an incomplete way to describe what I am doing. By 2015, I became a shell. A vessel. I have to build the foundation of how to be. The study of being is the foundational piece to The Rebuild. I need to change by outlook and my decision making processes. What drives me? Who am I? Want do I want? Where am I going? I am answering those questions within myself. I am going to use that understanding to build the blueprint for who I am.

Create a better relationship ecosystem

We are unlikely to be caught in a flash flood or trampled by wildebeests. Our prosperity and our danger comes from interpersonal relationships. How do we interact with our friends and loved ones? How do we interact with employers, co-workers and business prospects? Our fortunes are shaped by relationships. Not just financial rewards: who we get to share experiences with, who we get to nurture and who we get to learn from– those are all made possible by good relationships. Likewise, bad relationships can create turmoil and loneliness. One of my goals is to create a better relationship ecosystem. A safe emotional space where people will engage with me. A safe place where opportunities for joy happen.

Get My Brain In Gear

It feels like mental agility comes from a well. Last October, it felt like that well had run dry. I love to do new things. I love to learn new things. I am going to get my brain in gear to handle projects in a deft and speedy manner. I plan to dig into new topic areas and share the whole of the learning curve via The Rebuild.

Lose Weight

I was a big fat ass. Since October, I have been walking every day. Since October, I have lost 20 lbs.. My intention is to keep going with that exercise. I’m going to add more activity in the next six months. I intend to use newfound fitness as an avenue to do more and accelerate my weight loss.

Gain More Stamina

This is so much more than weight loss and waist bands. The Rebuild is about building something new from the old. My intention is to use a combination of aerobic training (walking and other endurance work) and some weight training. The goal is to be able to do more for longer. The goal is to be better. A better body will get me more opportunity. After my weight improved by 40 lbs., I was walking up a hill: I wasn’t winded. I broke from a walk to a jog and felt joy in how my body was in better shape. A couple months later, we took the kids to the playground. For the first time since I was 10, I was able to climb the jungle gym. A better body is more than just less fat: it’s about more opportunity.

Repair My Finances

Being self-employed for a while savaged my finances. In the coming months, I will work to mend my finances: knock down debt and build up savings. That’s going to take a while because I have to build wealth while I am in a regular job, but I have a plan for how to do that and I will share my plan in the coming months. The first step of my financial work is the repair. Get all of the wheels greased up. The second step is to go from scarcity to endurance. Most people play to get to the endurance level and then stay there. It’s a waypoint for me. After the second step, my goal is to build for actual abundance. That third phase is to build a model that won’t seize up if I take a day off or let a message go to voice mail.