Keto Coconut Bacon Fudge

How TO Make Keto Fudge

Thanks goes to Pam Sterling for letting me reproduce this great recipe:
Ok, this is a totally amazing discovery.  I have been eating a Ketogenic Diet (high healthy fats, low carb, moderate protein) for a while now.  The premise of a Keto diet is that you switch over from being a ‘sugar burner’ – i.e. primarily burning carbs for fuel, to being a ‘fat burner’ – i.e. primarily burning Ketones (which comes from the breakdown of healthy fats).  Think of it as a car running on diesel fuel vs gasoline. It’s just a different fuel source.  The thing is our bodies, and our brains in particular, actually prefer to run off of fats over carbs and run way more efficiently that way.  There are tons of benefits to a Keto diet, but I will leave that for another post.
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