Chinese Sausage Hash

Going onto keto means that I miss out on Chinese food. It’s combination of sauce, breading and noodles makes the whole cuisine clash with a ketogenic diet. I concocted a Chinese sausage hash to have for breakfast. It has all of the hits: Chinese sausage, garlic and ginger. It also works with keto: meat, fibrous vegetables and low carb. Continue reading

Keto Sweet Potato Pancakes… or Waffles…

How To Make Keto Waffles

I discovered sweet potato waffles last year and I loved them. In swapping to the Keto diet, I wanted to find something akin to that but still true to the Ketogenic ratios. This recipe mostly holds to that end result: you still get the sweet potato flavor while sidestepping the hit of the sweet potato carbs.

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