Break Some Eggs

In December of 2014, I said, “I’m going to talk about rebuilding my life.” I also said, “I’ll do this over the next six months.” 2015 happened. But more than that happening, there was the reality of trial and error applied to a real life. Continue reading

The Complications of Week Three

Into my third week, billables are kicking out. I have my regular gig and a new gig as a Drupal developer for a local tech manufacturing company. The gigs alone won’t get me more than two-thirds of the way to the June Spring goal of $10,000. The side work could close the gap, but that’s where the complication comes in. My current model lets in too much squeakiness and that squeakiness means I won’t be able to earn up to what I could.

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June is the month I sprint to $10,000

The June Sprint – My Goal Is To Rake In $10,000

The Rebuild has been underway for about three years now. It’s going somewhere, but the results of this process are still blurry to most onlookers. At times, this process looks foggy to me. This needs to be fun and engaging, otherwise someone like me could get bored. What alleviates boredom? A game. In the month of June, I am going to turn one chunk of my goals into a project, a challenge, a game. In the month of June, I am going to earn $10,000.

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The Nadir

The stormtroopers have the Rebels. Vader has Luke on the ropes. The Death Star’s shields are intact. All is not going well for our heroes. But things turn around. The darkest moment gives into the brightest dawn. Is that how this works?

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