Chinese Sausage Hash

Going onto keto means that I miss out on Chinese food. It’s combination of sauce, breading and noodles makes the whole cuisine clash with a ketogenic diet. I concocted a Chinese sausage hash to have for breakfast. It has all of the hits: Chinese sausage, garlic and ginger. It also works with keto: meat, fibrous vegetables and low carb. Continue reading

Keto Coconut Bacon Fudge

How TO Make Keto Fudge

Thanks goes to Pam Sterling for letting me reproduce this great recipe:
Ok, this is a totally amazing discovery.  I have been eating a Ketogenic Diet (high healthy fats, low carb, moderate protein) for a while now.  The premise of a Keto diet is that you switch over from being a ‘sugar burner’ – i.e. primarily burning carbs for fuel, to being a ‘fat burner’ – i.e. primarily burning Ketones (which comes from the breakdown of healthy fats).  Think of it as a car running on diesel fuel vs gasoline. It’s just a different fuel source.  The thing is our bodies, and our brains in particular, actually prefer to run off of fats over carbs and run way more efficiently that way.  There are tons of benefits to a Keto diet, but I will leave that for another post.
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Keto Sweet Potato Pancakes… or Waffles…

How To Make Keto Waffles

I discovered sweet potato waffles last year and I loved them. In swapping to the Keto diet, I wanted to find something akin to that but still true to the Ketogenic ratios. This recipe mostly holds to that end result: you still get the sweet potato flavor while sidestepping the hit of the sweet potato carbs.

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Keto Pad Thai Salad

How to Make Pad Thai Salad

With spring here, peanuts and smoked tofu for the keto pad thai saladthere is an increased need to find lighter options and foods that could come along on a picnic. I like pad thai but the noodles pose a problem on a keto diet. A compromise is to make this with shirataki noodles (aka yam noodles) and prep it so that it can be served cold. I really like the noodles made with a mix of yam noodles and tofu.

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Seven Recipes that are Flour Free

Since the fit is in, there are many people who are on a “gluten-free” or “flour-free” campaign to make sure that they are not eating them anymore. Or there might have been times when you start panicking because one of your guests whom you have invited over the dinner is allergic to wheat and you don’t know what to offer the person to eat.

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Salmon Avocado Kale Cups

I have been on a kick of making sure I had three things in my breakfasts: Vitamin C, Potassium and Omega 3. On the other days I accomplished that by having and orange, a banana and a small piece of salmon. On a Sunday: I got fancier. I made cups from red pepper, kale and bacon then filled them with avocado and salmon. Is bacon healthy? Next question. Continue reading

Break Some Eggs

In December of 2014, I said, “I’m going to talk about rebuilding my life.” I also said, “I’ll do this over the next six months.” 2015 happened. But more than that happening, there was the reality of trial and error applied to a real life. Continue reading

Tuning The Unified Field Theory of Awesome

I have a number of goals. I liken this to the unified field theory. In physics, there is the unified field theory: that gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak forces can combine into one display of– of everything. My health, my finances and my happiness are tied to each other. They tug on each other. When I devote myself to money, I get miserable. When I am busy and miserable, usually my health takes a hit. When I pay attention to my health and try to diet, the food bill for fresh food hits my wallet. The Rebuild is about finding ways for these conflicting elements to play together. Ideally, it’s about finding a way to use these aspects to propel each other and make them all more achievable. Instead of staring at the problems (health, money, relationships), I have dug into supporting objectives that I am working on through ontological coaching.

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